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Embarc Collective and TiE Tampa Bay Elevate Tampa Bay’s Startup Scene



2 min read · May 14

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Elina Omarova

Since 2021, Embarc Collective has partnered with TiE Tampa Bay, the local chapter of TiE Global, a nonprofit organization devoted to entrepreneurs in the Greater Tampa Bay area. Supported by Embarc Collective’s commitment to serving Florida’s most driven and focused entrepreneurs, this collaboration offers invaluable opportunities for our member community.

Today, we are furthering the partnership between Embarc Collective and TiE Tampa Bay with new and exclusive access for Embarc Collective member startups to TiE Tampa Bay’s entrepreneur and investor network. Embarc Collective members will get invitations to TiE Tampa Bay’s schedule of entrepreneurship-focused events and opportunities to present to TiE members and TiE’s investor network. TiE Tampa Bay members can consider investing in Embarc Collective startups. If a member startup of Embarc Collective undergoes due diligence, Embarc Collective will cover TiE Tampa Bay’s associated administrative costs.

The partnership with TiE Tampa Bay aims to facilitate the growth trajectories of local startups, contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tampa Bay as an increasingly favorable destination for building a business.

About Embarc Collective

Embarc Collective, a 501c3 non-profit, is a central landing zone for the most driven and focused startup builders in Florida, ranked as a top startup support program in the world by UBI Global. Embarc Collective offers coaching by startup veterans, curated live and on-demand programming, an ever-growing repository of resources and frameworks, and access to national customers and investors, all amongst a peer community of 125+ tech startups operating within an award-winning 32,000-square-foot startup hub in downtown Tampa.

Learn more about the timely, customized, and quality support available to startup entrepreneurs through membership at Embarc Collective.

About TiE Tampa Bay

TiE Tampa Bay is a 501(c)6 non-profit committed to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs by championing the people and ideas with the greatest growth potential. With a strong belief in creating access and opportunity for entrepreneurs of all ages, TiE Tampa Bay has mentored, coached and its members have invested in over 30 startups over its 12-year history.

TiE Global is the world’s largest nonprofit organization for entrepreneurs, with 57 chapters across 14 countries and 15,000+ members.

If you are interested in learning more about TiE’s global network of founders, entrepreneurs, executives, and community thought leaders, visit

Meet Our Members

Meet the Embarc Collective member community of driven entrepreneurs who are building bold, scalable, thriving companies in Florida.