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2 min read · Apr 10

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Elina Omarova

With the Florida Blue Foundation’s support, we are excited to welcome our new Wellness & Development Coach, Marsha Prospere, to help startup builders win the endurance game.

Read on to learn more about Marsha’s unique background and perspective on startup building.

What fostered your passion for executive coaching?

My reflective nature, experience with work-related stress and anxiety, and the profound and transformative growth I’ve seen across various clients have fostered my passion for executive coaching. Seeing the impact of the work my clients and I do together is significant and humbling. I get to do this work, and that honor is not lost on me.

What essential qualities do startup leaders need to navigate the challenging journey of building a startup?

To navigate the challenging journey of building a startup, leaders could add these essential qualities to their toolkit: resilience, adaptability, a willingness to experiment, keeping their why and vision top of mind, and emotional intelligence. These skills can help a leader navigate the startup landscape, including the number of pivots and stress-related events and the sheer amount of work to accomplish, which can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Why is it important for startup leaders to prioritize their wellness and leadership development?

Founders face unique challenges and stressors when nurturing a new venture. Prioritizing wellness and leadership development is crucial for startup leaders because it directly impacts their ability to innovate, manage stress, lead effectively, and achieve balance and fulfillment. This prioritization also can serve as a model for the company and its culture.

What’s one trend you’re excited about in your industry?

One trend is the movement towards a more inclusive coaching approach, which recognizes the immense value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation, enhancing decision-making, and fostering a positive workplace culture.

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